Building health, wellbeing, and resilience among rural Australians now and for generations to come.


Our mission and vision aim to benefit all farmers and people in rural Australia! As a country, we rely on farmers and their families for food, quality of life, and more. No matter if you are a grazier, cotton grower, or vigneron, we are here to support you, your colleagues, and your families.

Health Promotion.

The promotion of health is critical to the wellbeing and resilience of farmers in rural Australia now and for generations to come. Through research and education we aim to advocate for the importance of preventative health, as well as establish channels by which famers can access health resources to become self-sustaining and adopt healthy behaviour change.


At Farmers Health Promotion Collaborative, we synergise the knowledge, wisdom, experience, and resources from our collaborators and stakeholders to bring our vision to fruition. The common link? The desire to collaborate to improve the health and wellbeing of all Australian farmers and their families.

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About us

Farmers Health Promotion Collaborative was established in 2018 to promote preventative health and wellbeing practice for rural Australians. It is a collaborative model supported by a number of advocators, lobbyists, and healthcare industry collaborators.

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